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Continually searching for unique and health benefiting ingredients, Magnus has been introducing numerous innovative products since its inception in 1978.

 Our products are the fruition of years of extensive research, combinations of the highest quality nature produced ingredients, modern processing methods, and a dedication to improving our customers with the best quality products available in the market.
Mission Statement

Magnus' mission is to be a pioneer in providing high-quality and effective nutrition supplements and skincare,

Products as a 'stepping stone' to a better lifestyle while heightening respect for body, spirit, and well-being.
Magnus has remained successful in this industry because it has stayed true to its mission since it opened its door in 1978.

 Health awareness, cultivation and quality.

 Magnus never compromises quality. Our large number of loyal customers of 20, 30 years is a testament to the successful execution of this mission.

By sharing our products and the great knowledge that created them, it is Magnus' goal to promote good health through the finest quality nutritional food supplements.

This belief has allowed Magnus to become the indisputable leader in innovative nutritional supplements knowledge.
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